A visual theme that improves your blogging experience

A visual theme that improves your blogging experience
No breaks, a continuous flow. When you work at something you like, you’re so focused that you don’t even notice the time passing by.
We draw our inspiration from this concept, and we developed a new technology for the Altervista visual themes: René, Buone Ricette, and Keith.

How visual themes work on Altervista

On your Altervista blog, you can use one of the themes available in the library.

There (Appearance > Themes) you’ll find a selection of the best visual themes available at the moment for WordPress: there are professional themes that on the market cost between 50 and 70$, while on Altervista are free. You’ll find them optimized for Altervista unique features, such as free backup after every update and advertisement that allows you to earn money with your content.

If you can’t find a theme with the features you’re searching for, you can upload the one you like (Appearance > Themes > Upload Theme).

If you’re an expert, you can open the theme setting files and make the changes you need: you are free to edit every theme you want.

An Altervista blog allows you to have exclusive themes, especially developed to improve your blogger experience. That’s what today I’m here to talk about.

Your blogger experience

You’re a blogger, not a designer, nor a developer.

Sometimes, but sometimes only a blogger is also a developer or a designer. But most of the time, a blogger is someone who writes, photographs, and publishes contents on his blog.

We dealt with optimizing the technological performances, making choices that can rank your content higher in the search results. We set design options to improve your blog browsing experience.

Let’s see how the themes we created for you look like.

New visual themes on Altervista

We implemented a modern philosophy to create new themes. The basic idea is the work you love – creating unique content that people want to read, see, and listen to – must be left to you, the blogger.

The design and programming choices that we made have a direct impact; let’s see how the new themes have been welcomed by those who have tried them.

What is most impressive as you browse a blog with René, Buone Ricette, or Keith is the feeling of fluidity.

The loading and contents browsing process, the overall view: everything flows. That’s why we named the new concept that inspired these visual theme making: “seamless.”

No breaks, a continuous flow: just like when you work at something you’re passionate about, and you’re so focused that you don’t even notice the time passing by.

We provide you with our experience a designer and programmer so that you can spend time successfully doing what you love.

How to have René, Buone Ricette or Keith on your blog

On your blog wall, click on “Appearence > Themes.”

On the next page, select one of our seamless themes: René, Buone Ricette, or Keith.

First, you can make changes and see them with the live theme preview. Then you can activate them if you’re satisfied with the result.

With the new seamless technology, there’s only one theme, both for desktop and mobile versions. You’ll make all changes once-for-all and the theme will implement, and apply the chosen features to both forms, computer, and smartphones.

The big news about seamless technology is that the resources needed to display the blog will be uploaded only if the visualization device requests it.

This means that when your blog is shown on a smartphone, the theme will not upload all the elements required to display the desktop version, but only those needed to display the mobile one. Earning loading time and optimizing resources.

What are the results? Faster load time, more fluid content browsing, in short: a happy visitor! 🙂

As you can see, the seamless technology does something better than resizing the blog according to the device, as the responsive system did until now.

With the seamless themes, exclusive to Altervista, the blog browsing, as well as the blogger experience, has been improved thanks to the resources optimization: you can now concentrate on creating unique content only.

Moreover, we improved the Reading List feature to enhance your content even on mobile devices, that – as we already know – drive the great majority of traffic.

For questions and curiosities about our new themes, write to us on the support group (click here).
Why one of our new themes is named René
The name René is a tribute to the Belgian painter René Magritte. With his extraordinary images, accessible to everybody, he urges us to question what we see and recognize how reliable is the power of our imagination.