Altervista Keith – A Stunning WordPress Theme

This is something that tells you about our history. It was December 2000 when a student uploaded a fresh new brand online. The start up named “Altervista” was focused on offer free web hosting, pretty much as it is now: fourteen years and two Millions and a half websites later. The first Altervista logo had been made by using Microsoft Paint and poor skills in web graphics, but it came out from a solid source of inspiration. That source was the opera of Keith Haring: its vivid, joyful and playable vision. A vision that we, here at Altervista, still keep on share, and that’s why we named “Altervista Keith” the brand new release from Altervista WordPress Lab.

'Keith Haring' Exhibition Preview At Le Musee D'Art Moderne In Paris

Vivid, joyful and playable WordPress Theme

Altervista Kieth is a free WordPress theme, we create it and we chose it as default theme when you start a blog on Altervista.

We wanted create a WordPress Theme in which you can set anything as you like it and no bothering you with back panel, difficult to use.

So we designed a kind of What You See Is What You Get interface: it’s pretty immediate to understand what you’re going to obtain, depending on your preferences.

Altervista Keith preview
The starting page, with menu options just below.
Altervista Keith 2
Choose the model.

Set the home page style, the post size and the general layout. As you can tell there’s a little to explain here: just pick up what fits for you.

Schermata 2014-07-14 alle 17.06.34

You can set the classic list of posts, from the newest to the older, a bold image or a slideshow before the list. Also for the post size there are a few choices: you can show the full article, a short abstract with different image size.

Schermata 2014-07-14 alle 17.06.57

You can set the layout both for the home page and the single post page.

Schermata 2014-07-14 alle 17.07.14In Altervista Keith there’s a plenty of choice talking about design, different colors and fonts. You can set different header as a starting point. The rest of settings is just playable and it’s easy to achieve a vivid and joyful blog, like Keith Haring painting: its source of inspiration.

Schermata 2014-07-14 alle 17.07.06

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