The New Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor

The new long-awaited WordPress version introduces a brand new feature that changes radically the way you can create contents: a whole new editor.

As a matter of fact, with WordPress 5.0 it shows up the new block editor, code name: Gutenberg.

That’s how you see the block editor as you type a paragraph

The blocks logic

The significant difference within the new editor, in comparison to the classic one (based on TinyMCE), lies in the «block» system.

Everything on Gutenberg is a block; WordPress has a new visual block editor.

The WordPress version 5.0 introduces a block editor, available on Altervista

Within the Gutenberg editor, each element that you can add in your pages or posts is a block. Every image, title, audio or video is a separate block.

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A Game Worth The Long Playing

On the night of 20 December 2000, a twenty-year-old student had this idea: “I want to give everyone a place to stake their claim on the Internet.” Thus Altervista hit the web.

Sharing our thoughts online is taken for granted, nowadays. Eighteen years ago, at the beginning of the Internet, it wasn’t. Google was in its early years, Facebook and YouTube long before coming, and the phones were intended to make and receive calls. Sharing on the web was for few.

Eighteen years later the world has changed, but Altervista is still here, the same purpose, the same idea: give you, free of charge, a blog with high performance, to hit the web your way.

Altervista 18 years

PUSH the Blog and the Traffic Grows

Would you like to deliver the best of your blog directly to those who want to read it?
News chosen by you, every day, on the phone and the desktop of your readers, without scrolling through Facebook and Google.
This service is here; it’s called PUSH Notifications.
We tested it on a small group of bloggers. They liked it.
Hear their voices:

“The PUSH notification service is perfect as it is: the news of the day comes immediately to so many people, without having to spam it everywhere and all the time.”

“I am satisfied because the visits come.”

“The notifications are a blessing especially in the first hour, then they are stable in the rest of the day, so they greatly help the blog.”

“The visits are raised when I send the notification.”

Web PUSH notification, right on your blog

WEB PUSH notifications

With push notifications, you communicate directly with readers.
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Increase Your Audience With Top List Custom Post Type

Won’t be beautiful to increase your blog traffic with a new way to present some of your existing contents?

Here at Altervista, we developed a WordPress custom post type that builds excellent lists, which fits both for desktop and mobile view. We called it Top List.

Of course, you already can write lists on your blog. But does they look good?
With Top List, index posts do look good.

You can choose different layouts, size of the preview images, the position of the text and, again, it applies excellent both for mobile and desktop: something that it’s not granted with the do-it-yourself list.

Lists are popular

Lists are favorite on the social networks: posts like the seven things to do or not to do are always catchy.

With a beautiful cover image, your post-list can grow fast in hits on Facebook.

Sara, from blog Cucina con Sara (Cooking With Sara), just told us about the success on Facebook of her post: Carnival Recipes, made with the Top List custom post type. Continue reading

How To Switch To HTTPS On Your Altervista Website

Since Google announced in 2014 that HTTPS would become a positive factor in matter of ranking, the talk about HTTPS has never stopped. Now, at the upcoming of the Chrome new update, HTTPS seems to be crucial. October 2017 looks like the month in which you should switch your blog from HTTP to HTTPS connection

How does the HTTPS works?

HTTPS secures the connection between the visitor and the visited site, while HTTP offers no protection for data eventually you entered in the website, for example: username and password, when you log in.

HTTP is a plain sight connection between the browser and the IP address for the requested website. HTTPS encrypts the connection between you the visited website and makes you sure that no one can intercept the data you sent to the website. Continue reading

Altervista Cache Makes Your Blog Faster And Smarter

How frustrating is to reach a website after a long buffering or watching the page slowly charging while you’re waiting to read the content you were looking for? To me: a lot.  That’s the reason why we released a new cache system for your blog. To make your blog faster, to improve the user experience, to extend the availability of all your contents in shorts: to make your visitors happier.

Altervista cache is a cutting edge HTTP accelerator designed to reduce loading time of web pages to a minimum. Less time spent waiting while the page is loading, better user experience on your Altervista blog.

Altervista Cache makes your blog faster and smarter

How Does Altervista Cache Works?

Web cache is a temporary storage of  HTML pages, such they are your blog pages, it reduces perceived lag and bandwidth usage. Storing pages in the cache makes easier to keep all contents of the blog available, even for a huge amount of visitors trying to reach a web page at the same moment.

Internal tests have shown Altervista Cache makes response time of a web page 50% faster, cutting a half on the delay it may occurs in the charging of the page.

Hw To Activate Altervista Cache

Activate Altervista Cache

Activate Altervista Cache on your blog it takes you a moment: choose Altervista Cache from the Settings menu on your Dashboard and click on Activate your cache and enjoy your blog, faster and smarter.


WordPress 4.3 “Billie”

A new main WordPress release, 4.3 named “Billie” in honor of jazz singer Billie Holiday, is available for update your blog on Altervista. New tools in 4.3 make it even easier and faster to format your content and customize your WordPress site on Altervista.

Update your WordPress blog on Altervista is pretty easy, just click on the link in the WordPress dashboard and go on for a few step ahead. We do set a back up of your blog, just before the updating process, so you can synchronize your blog if a problem occur during the updating process.

Check out this video from blog, about the news in WordPress 4.3 Billie.

Menus in the Customizer


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Reading List and Social Icons , How To Get More Page Views With Mobile Navbar

Increase blog hits on mobile devices is a primary goal that we face nowadays. We found out a simple way to manage at its best the tiny space on mobile screen to showcase gracefully you content and giving, in the same place, the opportunity for sharing them.

It’s a mobile navbar and it’s a powerful tool to obtain more page views and sharings. You can have the mobile toolbar exclusively on your Altervista blog.
screenshot mobile

Have Your Personal Toolbar

The mobile navbar is composed by two segments: social sharing buttons and posts index. Here it is as it appears like on your blog, pretty posh isn’t it?

Mobile Navbar

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Create A Cookie Policy For Your Website

Create a cookie policy in order to attend the European disposition on that matter (Cookie Law) it’s easy and on Altervista it’s free of charge.

We worked in association with Iubenda, a company leader on privacy web issues, to help you to inform visitors about the use of cookies on your website.

As required by the Cookie Law a banner will be showed on the front  page of your website, informing visitors about the use of cookies.

Chocolate cookies
Chocolate cookies

Set the cookie policy it’s pretty easy; just check the dashboard of your blog and select from the left Menu Settings > Cookie Policy and then generate it.

If you’re running a website: login to Altervista Control Panel, select Tools on the navbar and click on Generate a privacy and cookie policy, then insert the generated code on the HMTL page, right below the tag <head>.

Confirm your data and agree the terms of service
Confirm your data and agree the terms of service

No One Is Worried About The #Mobilegeddon On Altervista

Blogs on Altervista don’t have to worry about #Mobilegeddon, the switch in Google algorithm announced for April 21:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. (Official Webmaster Central Google Blog)


You can test your blog here, it’s really easy: just fill the form with you blog URL and find out if your blog it fits rightly on smartphones. If you are using Altervista Mobile Blog System it surely does: your blog is awesome on mobile devices.

If you haven’t already activate Mobile on your Altervista blog, just do it. Choose the design settings, pick up your favorite theme and press save.

Don’t worry about your Google ranking on mobile searches, use Altervista Blog.