Fresh new look, brand new start

Glamorous news, here on Altervista. Driven by the idea to have a look that matches with the high quality of our services we changed almost everything, except the high quality of our services.

New logo

new logo altervista Our first logo, back in 2001, was inspired by a Keith Haring design. For the design of the new logo we worked on the concept of two products sharing the same starting ground: like website and blog you can start for free on Altervista platform. Two strong trees grown near one each other in the same garden. Now, twelve years later, we still have the same mission of 2001: free website, maximum quality, the chance to earn with adv.

New look

Consequently the new logo we changed the look of Altervista portal. Colorful, playful, straight clear. You can start your new website in seconds, check availability of your chosen name, be informed about resources and services and also have a glimpse of some of the best websites hosted by Altervista (most of them in Italian).

Control Panel Update (beta version)

This is a thing we’re particularly proud of: new control panel. Summarize the complexity of all the things you can be involved in, running a website, it’s not easy. Having it all in control at any time, it’s even harder. But we think we did a good job. Go and check it by yourself, we still keep the new control panel in beta version just in case of minor bugs.

Find out what’s new on Altervista: here.

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