Gorgeous WordPress Themes Free of Charge

Running a WordPress blog on Altervista gives you a bunch of unique opportunities.
There’s a lot of stuff hidden in the code, developed to improve performances and build great features.  There’s the chance to earn with ads but the clearly stunning asset, in a WordPress blog hosted on Altervsta, is the graphic themes freely available.

A dedicated staff has been working on it and we’re now happy to announce a fully renewed gallery of WordPress themes; all on them is offered totally free of charge.

Wordpress theme free of charge

Take a look at some of the best WordPress themes we’re offering free of charge for your blog. Every one of them is customizable: header and background images, colors and fonts. Each of them is updated at the latest version available and ready for Altervista advertising program.

WordPress Themes Gallery


Whimsical Love: looks like handwritten with classical two columns layout.


Travel in Italy, colorful and cheerful, this can fits well for journey notes.


Autofocus: got this peculiar homepage made by thumbnails from posts.


Sixteen: photoblog with a wide opening image.


Newp: a wide slideshow on dark background.


Music, with a guitar oriented flavor.


Inkness: thumbnails and excerpts compose a stunning home page.


Grisaille: straight to the news, with a wide opening image.


GamePress, this theme is great for games or other product review, with the score placed at the end of the post.


Cooking Secrets: for your recipes and cooking suggestions!


Babylog: focused on kid topics.

Every WordPress themes on Altervista is offered free of charge and is fully editable: yep, you have free code access and you can easily upload your own logo ora favorite images.

Select Appearance and Themes on the WordPress dashboard (right menu), then browse the gallery until you find the theme that matches with your taste and topic. Activate the theme on your blog and carry on with it or try with another one if  you’re not fully satisfied: you can activate whatever theme you want, as many times as you want.

Just as we said before, these themes are ready to join the Altervista advertising program, but if you prefer you can also upload your favorite theme from your computer.

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