Increase Your Audience With Top List Custom Post Type

Won’t be beautiful to increase your blog traffic with a new way to present some of your existing contents?

Here at Altervista, we developed a WordPress custom post type that builds excellent lists, which fits both for desktop and mobile view. We called it Top List.

Of course, you already can write lists on your blog. But does they look good?
With Top List, index posts do look good.

You can choose different layouts, size of the preview images, the position of the text and, again, it applies excellent both for mobile and desktop: something that it’s not granted with the do-it-yourself list.

Lists are popular

Lists are favorite on the social networks: posts like the seven things to do or not to do are always catchy.

With a beautiful cover image, your post-list can grow fast in hits on Facebook.

Sara, from blog Cucina con Sara (Cooking With Sara), just told us about the success on Facebook of her post: Carnival Recipes, made with the Top List custom post type.

Top List: Agenda And Creativity

You can use index posts to join the celebration of a scheduled event, such as Christmas, Easter or the Day Of Friendship.

Top List helps you to figure out how to tie different contents around a topic, such as blog Parco del Circeo made with the index post: Parco del Circeo Itinerari.

Lists are useful even to collect emotional indexes; you can fulfill a topic with creativity.

SEO and Top List

Google likes posts with high value in information on a single topic. A post that treats a keyword from different prospectives can be considered suitable for high ranking in the Google search results.

SEO plus of the Top list custom post type is that it provides structured data to Google, precisely what Google asks for better understanding the content of the page.

Well cured content, exhaustive of the topic, structured data: all these features can help a Top list post to achieve a high-rank position on the search engine results page.

How To Use Top List

The Top list is a WordPress custom post type available only for Altervista hosted blogs.

Altervista offers a unique WordPress edition: custom post types, such as premium themes and advertisement system, are part of the free of charge features included having your blog hosted by Altervista.

To start using Top list click on General in Settings menu on WordPress dashboard.

Then flag Activate Top List and save changes.

Top List will appear on the menu.

By clicking on Setting, you’ll be able to choose a layout with different proportion of the preview images on the post.

Good for Facebook, Google and Good for Money Too

Altervista offers you a proprietary advertising system, made by matching different adv channels.

Banners in the Top list will be displayed according to the post duration. More paragraphs, more banners. This system makes grow the profitability of the page.

To earn money from your blog make sure to activate banners from the voice Earn on the dashboard menu.

We create the Top list to improve your blogging experience on Altervista. Please let us know if it helps you in increasing your traffic blog and if it is a useful tool to use.