Monetize your content: AlterVista with Google AdSense

Google AdSense and AlterVista have been working hard over the past couple months to integrate Google AdSense and AlterVista together and now you can join AlterVista with Google AdSense.
AlterVista with Google AdSense is a free and easy way for website publishers hosted by AlterVista to earn revenue by displaying Google ads on their website.


AlterVista with Google AdSense can help you turn your content into a new revenue stream by placing ads strategically on your website, blog, forum or gallery.

If you implement AdSense for Content Google will deliver ads which are relevant to your content and you will earn money both with impression and click on the ads.

If your site registered 1,000 page views and 100 unique visitors during the last 30 days, sign up for AdSense by logging into your AlterVista control panel and create a Google AdSense account or associate your AlterVista profile with your existing Google AdSense account.

For further information and support: click here.

10 Replies to “Monetize your content: AlterVista with Google AdSense”

  1. i have i have already a count in google adsense but i don’t know where i can find a zip code help me plz

  2. So easy to automate. Use an auto clicker to click the ads over 1 million times

    1. It’s not that easy. There’s an abuse staff constatly working to prevent any kind of abuse on ads.

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