A New Way To Manage Your Website

After a few weeks in beta the new Altervista Control Panel is now online for everybody: faster, smarter and nicer.

New Altervista Control Panel

We’ve reorganized sections, tools and we’ve built a way to have a quick glimpse on the website status.

On the dashboard, first page of the control panel, you can rapidly access to file uploader and installed applications.

Traffic stats on new Altervista control panel

You can also easily check bandwidth and web space used, earnings and traffic stats.

Upper nav bar

Move from section to another it’s easy thanks to the upper navigation bar.

Resources page - Altervista control panelOn the Resources page you take a look on every functional aspects of the website and you can add and set news services: plan a backup, register a domain, edit PHP settings.

On the Applications page there is the resumé on the installed software, you can manage updates, upload files, check FTP data or install something new.

Check you revenues on the Earn page: graphs, stats, banner codes, info.

Ping search engines

The Promote page is brand new: it’s designed to improve your website hits thanks to search engines and social networks. You can find here tools and help books to achieve that goal.

tools Altervista control panel


On the Tools page there’s a plenty of choice of web gadgets and utilities.

The new control panel is responsive so it’s great to use it also on mobile devices.

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