Our fleet of seamless themes

We have added new designs, new styles and new graphic themes, to give our users more chances to use our incredible seamless technology, that overcomes the concept of responsive to manage both mobile and desktop themes.

new seamless themes

If you’re using one of these themes – Primrose, Starry Food, Just Pretty or Cooking Flavour – you can now enjoy the benefits of seamless: loading speed that adapts to the display device, smooth navigation and changes incorporated immediately both for desktop and mobile versions.

The new designs are joining our already active seamless themes: René, Buone Ricette, Keith, Mag and Frida.

Seamless themes are an exclusive feature of Altervista, that optimizes technology to make your blog project grow.

Along with innovative designs, you can have editorial services and dedicated customer care.

If you have any question, you can ask on our english support forum.

Choose the theme you like and edit it the way you want. Seamless technology makes everything simple and smooth.

Thanks to Altervista you can let your web project grow!