2 Million Sites On Altervista: Let’s Celebrate!

To celebrate the passing of the two millions of websites on Altervista we have prepared a gift for all webmasters.

2 milion websites

We raised the starting web space quota to 1000 MB. New accounts will start from this point, for those with less space the upgrade up to 1000 MB is totally free of charge. You can manage the free of charge upgrade form Altervista control panel.

If you run an Alterblog you can receive free of charge three months of weekly backup.

We’re very proud of these ten years of web and to host two millions of websites.


FTP connection secure and multi user

In order to ensure safety on Altervista’s sites and shoot down the spam we’ve arranged a few changes on our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection system.

From now you can upload or modify the contents via FTP only from the same country of your registration. For example if you have opened the site from UK will be able to use FTP only from UK territory.

Of course, in the control panel of AlterVista (Tools -> FTP), you can disable this restriction at any time, or add other nations among those allowed.

FTP secure connection

In addition, you can now use encrypted connections (TLS) and create additional FTP users to share access with other people. For each user pyu can choose whether to give full access to your web space or only a sub-directory.

More control, more security, more freedom.

Woo-Themes available free of charge on AlterVista blog hosting

Magnificent templates produced by the fantastic design factory Woo-Themes available free of charge on AlterVista, the WordPress based blog hosting.

Woo-Themes is one of the best factory design in the world, it produces graphical themes for WordPress focused on a professional level.

Woo-Themes available free of charge on AlterVista!

Woo-themes templates are a perfect base for magazine, portfolio photo, personal blog, complex or minimalistic sites. AlterVista offers you a unique opportunity to try professional layouts without spending a dime.

AlterVista with its free of charge hosting is an optimal solution to run a blog at its full potential.

Gorgeous WordPress Themes

Look here at some examples and have an idea of the stunning quality we’re talking about when we talking about Woo-Themes templates.

How to activate Woo-Themes templates on AlterVista

Start usign Woo-Themes on AlterVista is pretty easy.

From the dashboard of AlterVista WordPress click Appearance> Themes in the vertical menu on the right. Click Choose new themes on the managing page and check the Woo-Themes slideshow.

Pick up the one you prefer, click on Install and it’s done: you’re ready to use it

The extimated value of each template is, on average, about $ 50 each; AlterVista, as mentioned, offers them free of charge with its WoordPress hosting.

All Woo Themes templates are are freely editable both via CSS and HTML, like all other WordPress templates available on AlterVista.

In order to obtain support about any issue concerning WordPress on AlterVista please write here.

Put the backup on the agenda

When we change something in our services we do by following the advice of users of AlterVista. We have done so for the backup, the way to secure the contents of your site by creating a “snapshot” restorable with one click, if it were needed.

Taking note of the suggestions that over time AlterVista’s users got us, both on the forum and via email, we made some changes to the backup service: mysql and web space. Now you can restore a backup of size at will at any time of day, and no more only at certain times.

Put your contents safe with AlterVista's backup

Backup – AlterBlog

For AlterBlog the backup is a single object. Depending on the traffic data (see table below) is activated on a monthly / fortnightly / weekly and in case of need you can return your blog to one of the “snapshots” available. You can increase the frequency of backup for free, with AlterCent, or with a small annual fee.

Backup – AlterSite

AlterSite backup is divided into mysql database backup and backup of the web space.

The database backup is granted free of charge by AlterVista. The frequency of backup is sorted by site traffic, as follows.

  • Weekly for sites with more than 20,000 pageviews / month
  • Fortnightly for sites with at least 1000 pageviews / month
  • Monthly for sites with at least 500 pageviews / month

You can increase the frequency of database backups and schedule backup of the web space for free, using the AlterCent, or with small payments.
Backups can be scheduled and used independently from the traffic generated from the site.


Not Just Another WordPress Blog

WordPress on AlterVista runs with unique featuresWe’ve spent a lot of time working on a better way to blog. We’ve spent a lot of time time working on WordPress trying to figure out how we can offer the best WordPress experience. The best way to blog. Here is where we are now.

A Stunning Dashboard

The AlterVista-WordPress dashboard is unique. We merged AlterVista control panel features into the WordPress dashboard so you can manage both main aspects and minimum details of your blog without leaving it.

You can write a post and check the stats in the distance of a click, get an eye on the earning graph and set the matching color for the toolbar almost at the same time. But there’s much more.

Mobile Ready

We all know how important is to be nice looking in small sizes nowadays, so we planned a smooth template for smartphones and tablets, easy to fit in.

Organized For Social Life

Share your contents with the world, in the way you prefer. Choose what Social Network is in or out and place it at the top or at the bottom of your posts.

[gallery, exclude=”821″]

Premium Themes Free Of Charge

It’s hard to believe it. Here on AlterVista you can choose the template for your blog among a selection of Woo-Themes templates, the well-known factory themes, totally free of charge.

We’ve also created the exclusive AlterVista Theme, which has particularly easy settings and a clean look.

For the style of your blog you can also browse our Themes Showcase and freely pick up one of the two hundreds beautiful WordPress themes there stored.


Blogging on AlterVista is free of charge and yes: you can earn money by displaying ads on your blog. Ads are not forcibly inserited in the hosted blogs or websites and if the webmaster wants to display them in his pages he earns a revenue based on the web traffic.

Editor CSS and Plugin: full freedom, full control

You can manage your blog as freely as it’s possible: by editing CSS or by installing any plugin you wish.

Stats, Toolbar, Favicon

On the AlterVista dashboard you can set every aspects for your blog: check the stats, upload a new image to create a favicon or change the design of your toolbar.


Write here, on AlterVista Forum, to find a helping hand or to suggest something about WordPress.


Finalize the website you’ve been looking for

With AlterPages you can start to create a website even if you don’t know where to start to create a website.

No programming skills is required and in minutes you can stare at your brand new site. The website you was waiting for.

AlterPages is a What You See Is What You Get website editor, so it’s pretty easy draw the design line, change the smallest details, and choose the style you prefer even if it’s your first step. To help you out in builindg a catch glance website we collected dozens of professional stock photos free to use.

When you’re done with the website appearance it’s time to add contents, and experiece how easy is to add contents.

No behind the scenes, no back-end dashboard: AlterPages it works on the main stage by editing directly the page you’re currently on.

A gorgeous mobile version

With AlterPages is also available a mobile versione of the website, clean and simple to read.

How to get AlterPages

Open a free of charge AlterVista account, and start using AlterPages: it’s just easy as it looks like. For suggestions, questions, and answers write here.

Great New Features For Your WordPress Blog: Mobile Theme and SEO Optimizer

By upgrading your WordPress blog hosted by AlterVista at the latest version (3.1.2) you’ll get some new powerful features.

First of all: we give you the best tool to improve your search engine ranking. How to climb up the Google & Co. result pages is one of the most common, and puzzling, question in nowadays web. We’re pretty sure that a good answer is Yoast’s SEO Plugin.

As you may know your WordPress blog on AlterVista can run as many plugins as you want. We choose to install by default WordPress SEO by Yoast. To start to use it you just need to activate it from the Plugin page in your WordPress Dashboard (after updating your blog to latest version).

improve your search engine ranking on AlterVista

The Yoast’s SEO Plugin helps you to set your template titles and by using the SEO meta box you can completely optimize your post title and meta description and see exactly how it would appear as a Google result. You can also add a Focus key and suddenly have a check for its SEO strength in your draft.

You can read more about SEO Yoast Plugin on its official page.

A Gorgeous Mobile Theme

A fresh new tool to optimize your Search Engine ranking is not the only goal you achieve by updating your WordPress blog on AlterVista. There’s something more and it’s about mobile navigation. Starting from the well-known WP Touch Pro we’ve developed a plugin called AlterVista Mobile that gives your blog a tremendous theme for a superior browsing experience.

Mobile Theme For Your Blog On AlterVista

Values of this theme are high readability, easy to use interface and a lot of customizable options.

The mobile theme works with all most popular devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry and more, and it’s completely independent of your desktop theme (of course visitors can always switch back to your regular theme if they choose).

For iOS devices there’s also a web-app mode. Your visitors can bookmark your blog on their iPhones and iPads like a native application. You can easily set an home screen icon, your blog’s logo and more. In short: you can create a Web App for your iOS visitors in minutes and customize it as you like it.

It’s all for free

All these features that enrich your blog – a blog, as you can tell, without bandwidth and traffic limits – are, as the blog itself, totally free of charge.

Start blogging with AlterVista

Warhol’s Pop Icon And Cute Cats: New Toolbars Are Now Available

Art, sport, romanticism and nature: new toolbars are now available for your website hosted by AlterVista. Here’s the showcase:

We’ve been inspired by natural elements such as wood

and grass, to create a sort of material toolbar.

Then we have a set that comes from art world: from Yves Klein’s blue

to Andy Warhol’s pink

and, to finish with, a quote from Magritte’s style of surrealism.

A little touch of romanticism with this landscape with the moon,

and of cuteness with these puppy cats.

In the end we got a couple of single-color toolbar, great to be filled with different elements, a black one

and a white one.

Every toolbar can be customized by adding different elements in different colors. You can choose your favourite from AlterVista control panel.

WordPress 3.0.4 Update

Version 3.0.4 of WordPress it’s available, through the update page in your control panel. It is a minor release but a very important update because it fixes a core security bug in the KSES HTML sanitation library that affects all versions of WordPress prior to 3.0.4.

If you manage an AlterSite:
Login in the control panel,
click on Publish > Install blog, fourm, gallery, portal

and then on Upgrade.

If you own an AlterBlog, after logging in to your control panel, click on AlterBlog > UpdateBlog

Free Joomla! hosting, one click installer

Get Joomla! hosted for free, with one-click installation.


The great free web hosting features of AlterVista (take a look below and click here to learn more) provide you a perfect solution to set up a site running on Joomla!.


It’s quick and easy: just sign up in AlterVista, login in to Control Panel, activate your MySQL database, check for Publish in the navbar and click on Install Blog, forum, gallery, portal. Then choose Joomla!, one of the most popular Open Source Content Management System. It will run in a few. And, of course, it’s all free of charge.

It’s already set up with ads so you can start earning money from your traffic with our revenue sharing system.
But that it’s up to you: if you prefer an advertisement-free site you can easly remove banners.

We also remind you that you can rely on AlterVista community forum to get help.