WordPress 3.0.4 Update

Version 3.0.4 of WordPress it’s available, through the update page in your control panel. It is a minor release but a very important update because it fixes a core security bug in the KSES HTML sanitation library that affects all versions of WordPress prior to 3.0.4.

Free Joomla! hosting, one click installer

Get Joomla! hosted for free, with one-click installation. The great free web hosting features of AlterVista (take a look below and click here to learn more) provide you a perfect solution to set up a site running on Joomla!. It’s quick and easy: just sign up in AlterVista, login in to Control Panel, activate your […]

400 WordPress Themes

We really like WordPress and we consider it the best blog software. We like it because it’s user friendly, it can be easely extended to support new features and it has many graphic themes, easy to install, easy to change and easy to modify. In our WordPress distribution we placed no limits on CSS modification: […]

WordPress 3.0.1 and Facebook Like

It’s available WordPress update to version 3.0.1. This update fixes about 50 bugs reported by users (here the list), so it’s a minor release of one of the most stable version released by WordPress development team. We’ve also added a plugin in our WordPress base installation: the “I like” button, to share on Facebook the […]

Here we are

AlterVista wants to support your passions by providing you with an easily managed and endlessly improvable space on the web, free of charge. Not only are we committed to providing all of the services your site needs to grow and flourish, but depending on your web traffic, we will even share a portion of our […]