Pinterest for your blog

A month at home! New habits and time upside down: what we thought it was too little time, it is now for some of us too much.

If we can decide how to use it, let’s use it to learn new things.

Time used to learn is never wasted.

Let’s learn to use Pinterest

To enhance the contents of your blog on Pinterest, we organized a free video course in partnership with Pinterest.

We love Pinterest because it is different from other social networks.

It is a visual search engine more than social media.

People use Pinterest to share their ideas and passions more than to talk about themselves.

Pinterest looks ahead to the future: it’s a positive environment where people find inspiration to turn their ideas into reality.

That’s a great moment to share positive inspirations.

Video course of using Pinterest

Ginevra Corrieri, Creator Specialist for Pinterest, is our teacher, and you can follow her lessons on our Facebook group, Pinterest per i blog Altervista.

Contents of our video course

The course is taking place every Thursday, from March 26th to April 16th.

Here are the themes:

In the first video, Ginevra helps us understand what Pinterest is and how it works.

In the second one, she explains to us how to use it to create eye-catching pins. The third lesson is dedicated to optimization, how to build a pin so that the Pinterest algorithm can show it to the right pinner.

What if I don’t understand?

Questions are essential, and we want to answer them all.

Each group member can write a post on the Facebook group, or he/she can fill this Google form: Ginevra will answer all questions during her live class on April 16th.

After theory, we need some practice

It’s not just a lesson.

Every week the best creative content is being awarded in a contest with the hashtag #PinterestxAltervista.

That’s how it works: all contents pinned with the hashtag #PinterestxAltervista are added to a board on Pinterest Italia.

Creators have no subject or number limits, and they can pin whatever they like.

Every week we choose a creator of the week, the pinner that created the most exciting pin on the board. At the end of the course, all contents with the hashtag #PinterestxAltervista will be put on the spotlight.

The first to win the title of “Creator of the week” was Francesca Lucisano, blogger of Le mille e una bontà di Franci, who created a video pin with a tasty recipe for pizza.

Our challenges on Pinterest

Our video course is not our first ever project in partnership with Pinterest, the visual search engine that can be a great chance of visibility for your blog contents, especially if you talk about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, DIY and cooking.

In October 2019 began our first challenge: a team competition on Pinterest.

Rules are simple: all participants must register in a specific Facebook group and are divided into teams of 9-10. Each team has to set a common strategy and pin as much content as possible on their team board, which can be found on GialloZafferano blogs Pinterest profile, GialloBlogs.

Each team can win some beautiful Pinterest gadgets and gain good visibility on the platform.

After Halloween League, Christmas challenge, and Carnival challenge, we’ve come to our 4th edition, the Easter challenge. Despite the awkward moment, more than 70 bloggers have joined us in this challenge, and all feedbacks have been enthusiastic, as always.

Why Pinterest?

Play with us on Pinterest, and you’ll discover a great resource for your blog contents, as well as a positive and collaborative environment.

We are waiting for you in the group!