Reading List and Social Icons , How To Get More Page Views With Mobile Navbar

Increase blog hits on mobile devices is a primary goal that we face nowadays. We found out a simple way to manage at its best the tiny space on mobile screen to showcase gracefully you content and giving, in the same place, the opportunity for sharing them.

It’s a mobile navbar and it’s a powerful tool to obtain more page views and sharings. You can have the mobile toolbar exclusively on your Altervista blog.
screenshot mobile

Have Your Personal Toolbar

The mobile navbar is composed by two segments: social sharing buttons and posts index. Here it is as it appears like on your blog, pretty posh isn’t it?

Mobile Navbar

Have the mobile navbar on your blog it’s easy: login on your dashboard and activate Mobile (menu on the left, as you can see below).

Activate mobile

You can customize the navbar with the social network icons you prefer.

Schermata 2015-05-26 alle 14.20.09

Add the icon of the social network you want to show on the navbar, you can check the preview below, choose the position and the style.

add social network icons


The second part of the mobile navbar is a reading list of your posts, chosen from the same category as the one currently viewed.

Get more page views and sharings of your posts on mobile device! Activate now the Altervista Mobile System, special tools and adv ready to earn with your own contents.