Safer, Faster: Your Website On Altervista With CloudFlare

Our mission at Altervista has always been to provide you with quality, free hosting to help you earn more revenues from your website. Today we’re announcing a partnership with CloudFlare that strengthens that original mission. CloudFlare is a service that helps your website run faster, safer and smarter.

Altervista and Cloudflare for smart websites

You may ask, what does a faster website have to do with revenues? It turns out speed matters – a lot. For example, research has shown ‘How one second could cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales’ (and how Google might lose 8 million searches per day if it ran just four tenths of a second slower!). Intuitively, this is something we already know – if a page loads slowly for you, how many times have you closed it to move on to the next thing or abandoned a shopping cart?

CloudFlare solves that problem for your web visitors. It speeds up websites (both desktop and mobile), images, DNS and APIs. It does so with a wide range of features – from caching your website content closer to your web visitors to automatically consolidating 3rd party calls to your website so they don’t slow down your web page (a feature they call Rocket Loader).

Here’s how CloudFlare works:

An Overview of CloudFlare on Altervista

But why just make a website faster? Websites need to be safer, too. CloudFlare’s technology can help you fight spammers, hackers and botnets without slowing your website down. CloudFlare’s network of websites gives yours a fighting chance by sharing information about possible bad guys so you can block or ‘challenge’ them before they cause havoc with your web visitors. Plus, safer websites are more likely to stay always online and not be penalized by major search engines (for example, see this guidance from Google).

Plus, you’ll also save web resources! When you filter out bad traffic or offload global traffic via CloudFlare’s caching, you’ll use less bandwidth.

The best part about all of this is that CloudFlare is free. There is nothing for you to install or maintain and any updates are automatic. We’re giving it to you as a feature of the hosting pack.

Click here to sign up and a start a fresh website free of charge.