Show Altervista With Google Adsense banners inside your posts

No puzzling about how to insert Google Adsense ads into your posts: we’ll taking care of it.

At Altervista we developed a joint with Google AdSense that allow you to display Altervista With Google AdSense advertisements on your free of charge Altervista website.

By updating Altervista WordPress at the latest version available, or by updating Altervista Optimizer – a default plugin in the Altervista WordPress setting – you’ll be able to set your favourite banner positions, including the brand new positions inside posts.


 Altervista With Google AdSense Banner Positions

As you can seen on the image above there are plenty of available ads positions.

We suggest you to locate a 300×250 banner in the sidebar and to insert a couple of advertisements inside posts.

Are available a position right under the title post

Altervista with Google AdSense under the title post

and a position at the bottom of the article, just before, in the sample image, related posts plugin.

Altervista with Google AdSense at the bottom of the post


These two positions are the best way to monetize every single article in your blog. The wide known semantic skills of Google AdSense banners is working on also in the advertising program Altervista With Google AdSense, in order to offer you ads related to your contents.

Get paid – free support

You can manage your Altervista With Google AdSense cash out directly from your Google AdSense account.

On the Altervista Forum you call for advising or help.