Social media as a source of revenue

We are used to earning money from blog content thanks to Display Advertising: ad banners showing up on webpages in various formats.

Using the Altervista blog platform, it’s straightforward to fill your pages with the best ads and request payments at the end of the month.

display advertising as a source of revenue
On Altervista, you can place an ad in one click.

With banners well-placed on your blog, let’s look at your social accounts.

A social account with a trustworthy relationship with its followers is critical for integrating incomes with emerging advertising forms.

A revenue model settled on a trusted relationship.

If you’re using social media for fun, there’s no need for an editorial plan.

But suppose content is the focus of your activity. In that case, social media are a considerable source of earnings and significant drivers for traffic.

That’s why your own social media channels are an asset to take care of.

Relationship in the advertising dynamic is more and more important for brands. More and more often, companies wish to have a micro-influencer guiding this relationship. 

Influencer Marketing as a source of revenue

Some people have built a dedicated following on social media, Facebook, and Instagram, even without massive follower numbers.

If a blogger wants to earn money with his content, this scenario has to be known. 

The driver of trust is the key to integrate various monetization sources, enhanced by social presence.

Native advertising doesn’t insert products in a banner, but rather in a blogger post, in an organic, editorial frame.

The blogger’s voice transmits, through the product, a new flavor of the brand. 

The brand, in this case, benefits from the freshness of the blogger’s voice. 

Tested for you

Another money-making activity is affiliation. A blogger offers his public a product which he/she is using firsthand. Like in the influencer marketing job, also here there’s a dynamic of transferring trust.

This form of advertising is called info commerce. And more than 120 reviews have been written already by 60 of our bloggers.

It is a growing form of monetization, and because of #BlackFriday there will soon be exciting news.

New income streams, from social media to banners

Earn money with content: it is crucial to make a trusting relationship with your followers on social media to integrate different monetization models.

Creating useful and original content, positioning as respected authorities for a specific topic within a defined target are crucial elements for a successful content marketing strategy.