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Place advertisements here, please

In the last weeks we worked hard to find a way to improve earnings on your blog. We run tests on a huge amount of blogs and we found out a few settings that could change for the better your cash out. We both worked on desktop and mobile, so you can appreciate a growing in earnings on both sides.

The Desktop Side: Skyscraper Huge  

First suggestion: use the Autopilot. Autopilot is how we call the Ads System in Altervista that fills your blog with the best ads for your WordPress theme.

Schermata 2015-05-04 alle 17.42.36

It’s pretty easy to use it: Dashboard -> Earn -> click on Activate Autopilot. Advertisements that better fit in your current WordPress theme will be placed and you start to earn from them.

Second suggestion: add a skyscraper huge (300×600). That type of advertisement it works very well in the revenue system we run on Altervista. You should add a widget Altervista With Google AdSense in your blog sidebar, then select  skyscraper huge (300×600), and choose colors before click on Save. To join this peculiar Adv network, that pays you both per click and per view, you first have to connect you Google AdSense account to Altervista.

Place a widget with the Ads Banner

The Mobile Side Of Adv

The increasing importance of mobile traffic made us wondering about how to place ads for the best revenue. We’ve been monitoring a dozen of blogs and we discovered that in posts with more than 250 words ads placed in the middle of the post get more click that ads placed right under the post title. So, we did place it down to get more click.

If you activate the Autopilot to manage adv on your blog and the mobile system on Altervista your ads banner will be placed in order to obtain more clicks at the middle of the post or right under the title.


We have introduced a new banner sized 320×50 placed at the bottom of the page. Also, this banner is available by using the Autopilot and it’s part of the Altervista With Google AdSense advertisement program. It’s easy to join in, and start to earn with your blog.

How to insert Altervista With Google AdSense Ads In Your WordPress Blog

Start a blog on Altervista gives you the opportunity to use one of the best blogging software available: WordPress.

Manage a blog on Altervista gives you also the chance to earn money, if you decide to display ads on your pages, and if you do you can use the most popular ads network available to monetize your content: Google AdSense.

Unique adv system: Altervista With Google AdSense

Altervista and Google AdSense are now linked in a partnership that has generated Altervista With Google AdSense adv network.

It’s a peculiar adv system that pays you both for impressions and clicks on ads.
Here it is how it works. Continue reading

Show Altervista With Google Adsense banners inside your posts

No puzzling about how to insert Google Adsense ads into your posts: we’ll taking care of it.

At Altervista we developed a joint with Google AdSense that allow you to display Altervista With Google AdSense advertisements on your free of charge Altervista website.

By updating Altervista WordPress at the latest version available, or by updating Altervista Optimizer – a default plugin in the Altervista WordPress setting – you’ll be able to set your favourite banner positions, including the brand new positions inside posts.


 Altervista With Google AdSense Banner Positions

As you can seen on the image above there are plenty of available ads positions.

We suggest you to locate a 300×250 banner in the sidebar and to insert a couple of advertisements inside posts.

Are available a position right under the title post

Altervista with Google AdSense under the title post

and a position at the bottom of the article, just before, in the sample image, related posts plugin.

Altervista with Google AdSense at the bottom of the post


These two positions are the best way to monetize every single article in your blog. The wide known semantic skills of Google AdSense banners is working on also in the advertising program Altervista With Google AdSense, in order to offer you ads related to your contents.

Get paid – free support

You can manage your Altervista With Google AdSense cash out directly from your Google AdSense account.

On the Altervista Forum you call for advising or help.

Monetize your content: AlterVista with Google AdSense

Google AdSense and AlterVista have been working hard over the past couple months to integrate Google AdSense and AlterVista together and now you can join AlterVista with Google AdSense.
AlterVista with Google AdSense is a free and easy way for website publishers hosted by AlterVista to earn revenue by displaying Google ads on their website.


AlterVista with Google AdSense can help you turn your content into a new revenue stream by placing ads strategically on your website, blog, forum or gallery.

If you implement AdSense for Content Google will deliver ads which are relevant to your content and you will earn money both with impression and click on the ads.

If your site registered 1,000 page views and 100 unique visitors during the last 30 days, sign up for AdSense by logging into your AlterVista control panel and create a Google AdSense account or associate your AlterVista profile with your existing Google AdSense account.

For further information and support: click here.