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WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Available On Altervista

Dedicated to one of the greatest jazz player of all the time, Charlie “Bird” Parker, WordPress 3.8 is available for blogs hosted by Altervista.

Modern new design, colorful update and availability on every device are the keywords for this WordPress main release.

WordPress 3.8 is a colorful update
(image from wordpress.org)

From Profile page you can preview and chose between eight new admin color schemes, the admin dashboard is totally responsive so you can manage your blog from any device: from smartphone and tablets: easy and fast such as from a desk computer.


Some of these features were anticipated, here on Altervista, since from September by adding MP6 plugin to manage the Admin Dashboard design. We followed the new WordPress approach: the “plugin-first development process“.

Altervista has added exclusive features to the WordPress admin dashboard: tools to customize design, earn with the blog, set mobile features and connect the blog with social networks.

To learn more about WordPress 3.8 read here, from WordPress.org blog.

Not Just Another WordPress Blog

WordPress on AlterVista runs with unique featuresWe’ve spent a lot of time working on a better way to blog. We’ve spent a lot of time time working on WordPress trying to figure out how we can offer the best WordPress experience. The best way to blog. Here is where we are now.

A Stunning Dashboard

The AlterVista-WordPress dashboard is unique. We merged AlterVista control panel features into the WordPress dashboard so you can manage both main aspects and minimum details of your blog without leaving it.

You can write a post and check the stats in the distance of a click, get an eye on the earning graph and set the matching color for the toolbar almost at the same time. But there’s much more.

Mobile Ready

We all know how important is to be nice looking in small sizes nowadays, so we planned a smooth template for smartphones and tablets, easy to fit in.

Organized For Social Life

Share your contents with the world, in the way you prefer. Choose what Social Network is in or out and place it at the top or at the bottom of your posts.

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Premium Themes Free Of Charge

It’s hard to believe it. Here on AlterVista you can choose the template for your blog among a selection of Woo-Themes templates, the well-known factory themes, totally free of charge.

We’ve also created the exclusive AlterVista Theme, which has particularly easy settings and a clean look.

For the style of your blog you can also browse our Themes Showcase and freely pick up one of the two hundreds beautiful WordPress themes there stored.


Blogging on AlterVista is free of charge and yes: you can earn money by displaying ads on your blog. Ads are not forcibly inserited in the hosted blogs or websites and if the webmaster wants to display them in his pages he earns a revenue based on the web traffic.

Editor CSS and Plugin: full freedom, full control

You can manage your blog as freely as it’s possible: by editing CSS or by installing any plugin you wish.

Stats, Toolbar, Favicon

On the AlterVista dashboard you can set every aspects for your blog: check the stats, upload a new image to create a favicon or change the design of your toolbar.


Write here, on AlterVista Forum, to find a helping hand or to suggest something about WordPress.


Great New Features For Your WordPress Blog: Mobile Theme and SEO Optimizer

By upgrading your WordPress blog hosted by AlterVista at the latest version (3.1.2) you’ll get some new powerful features.

First of all: we give you the best tool to improve your search engine ranking. How to climb up the Google & Co. result pages is one of the most common, and puzzling, question in nowadays web. We’re pretty sure that a good answer is Yoast’s SEO Plugin.

As you may know your WordPress blog on AlterVista can run as many plugins as you want. We choose to install by default WordPress SEO by Yoast. To start to use it you just need to activate it from the Plugin page in your WordPress Dashboard (after updating your blog to latest version).

improve your search engine ranking on AlterVista

The Yoast’s SEO Plugin helps you to set your template titles and by using the SEO meta box you can completely optimize your post title and meta description and see exactly how it would appear as a Google result. You can also add a Focus key and suddenly have a check for its SEO strength in your draft.

You can read more about SEO Yoast Plugin on its official page.

A Gorgeous Mobile Theme

A fresh new tool to optimize your Search Engine ranking is not the only goal you achieve by updating your WordPress blog on AlterVista. There’s something more and it’s about mobile navigation. Starting from the well-known WP Touch Pro we’ve developed a plugin called AlterVista Mobile that gives your blog a tremendous theme for a superior browsing experience.

Mobile Theme For Your Blog On AlterVista

Values of this theme are high readability, easy to use interface and a lot of customizable options.

The mobile theme works with all most popular devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry and more, and it’s completely independent of your desktop theme (of course visitors can always switch back to your regular theme if they choose).

For iOS devices there’s also a web-app mode. Your visitors can bookmark your blog on their iPhones and iPads like a native application. You can easily set an home screen icon, your blog’s logo and more. In short: you can create a Web App for your iOS visitors in minutes and customize it as you like it.

It’s all for free

All these features that enrich your blog – a blog, as you can tell, without bandwidth and traffic limits – are, as the blog itself, totally free of charge.

Start blogging with AlterVista