What You Need It’s Given

Here you can find the technological resources you need to manage a successful website: now, forever, free of charge. Here you can build the website you were looking for.

Thanks to the consolidation of its system Altervista can now provide, since form the starting hour and totally free of charge, the resources necessary to create a website or a blog of considerable size, and that can withstand a lot of traffic.

You can open a blog with unlimited space and traffic; you can open a website with 3 GB of space for your content, and 30 GB of bandwidth to sustain its traffic; as usual you can even expand your resources if it’s needed.

The number of bloggers who cash out is constantly increasing, and  due to the success of our business model we can now offer more web resources from the day one.

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The vision of Altervista is: growing together. If the websites we host are successful than we can invest in technical development and offer it to the websites we host. That’s how it goes and that’s what we did.

Due to the success of the websites we host we were able to triple the starting web space and double the offered bandwidth. For all and all free of charge.

The new bandwidth amount (30GB) is already effective for all, you don’t need to set nothing. About the increasing of the disposable web space (3GB) you need to login in the control panel of Altervista and set it, there’s no payment required.

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Being hosted by Altervista it means being in the right place for having immediately what you need to build the website you want: you can choose to run it by installing a software (WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal), you can write your own code or load the pages from your computer. And you can earn a revenue by adding advertisements in your posts and pages.

It’s just a way that works.