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Warhol’s Pop Icon And Cute Cats: New Toolbars Are Now Available

Art, sport, romanticism and nature: new toolbars are now available for your website hosted by AlterVista. Here’s the showcase:

We’ve been inspired by natural elements such as wood

and grass, to create a sort of material toolbar.

Then we have a set that comes from art world: from Yves Klein’s blue

to Andy Warhol’s pink

and, to finish with, a quote from Magritte’s style of surrealism.

A little touch of romanticism with this landscape with the moon,

and of cuteness with these puppy cats.

In the end we got a couple of single-color toolbar, great to be filled with different elements, a black one

and a white one.

Every toolbar can be customized by adding different elements in different colors. You can choose your favourite from AlterVista control panel.