Free Joomla! hosting, one click installer

Get Joomla! hosted for free, with one-click installation.


The great free web hosting features of AlterVista (take a look below and click here to learn more) provide you a perfect solution to set up a site running on Joomla!.


It’s quick and easy: just sign up in AlterVista, login in to Control Panel, activate your MySQL database, check for Publish in the navbar and click on Install Blog, forum, gallery, portal. Then choose Joomla!, one of the most popular Open Source Content Management System. It will run in a few. And, of course, it’s all free of charge.

It’s already set up with ads so you can start earning money from your traffic with our revenue sharing system.
But that it’s up to you: if you prefer an advertisement-free site you can easly remove banners.

We also remind you that you can rely on AlterVista community forum to get help.

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