Altervista Story: From a Basement To The Stock Exchange Market

Since from the very beginning we were used, here at Altervista, to read all the messages from users.

At the very beginning there was no business plan, no investors but there was a crystal clear vision.

At that time, early 2000, lot of opinions were spreading around about what was going to be the web. Altervista vision was plain and simple: people would love to share their ideas, to stake their claim on the web.

Even people who weren’t able to write code would love to publish on the internet, that’s what we thought at that time. People would love to do it free of charge, easily and maybe they would love it even more if they could earn something form their web traffic.

So we start the free hosting with revenue sharing (and no mandatory ads) system. That system just worked out, actually it’s still working. The plain and simple idea we had at the time it’s still here, two Millions and a half websites created on Altervista later.

Since from the 2005 Altervista is part of Banzai, the e-commerce and digital editor company leading in Italy; on February Banzai stocks are placed in the Milan Stock Exchange.


At the very beginning Altervista was a student project, now it’s part of a group in the Stock Exchange Market. We still run the same system, we still like to offer web space for free, with the freedom to use it and the opportunity to earn money from your web content.

The other day we received a message from Arthur:

Dear friends at Altervista,
My experience with Altervista has been an eye-opener. I had tried several other hosting services and registrars, and Altervista comes on top.
Thank you for a wonderful service. May you go on to greater success.
Arthur, Sydney, Australia

Matt Roberts/Getty Images)
(Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

We’re happy that we  still do read all the messages we receive.