Cooler, Smarter: A Fresh New Altervista Toolbar

Improved in size, pretty skilled for social relations, in a catch-eyes mood, the new Altervista Toolbar it can really fits your website. Because it can fits any kind of websites. No fixed rules, advanced design tools, new gadgets, take a glance on it: it works good.


Take Control On The Look And Feel

The way it looks it does it count, we knew it when we decided to improve design tools on the Altervista Toolbar. You can set everything at you will, now. You can start using a pre selected couple of matching colors, then give a chance to a straight one, pick up your favorite nuance and so on until you find the right equilibrium.


The starting point is at the dashboard of your website, click on Manage Toolbar, and begin to customize the toolbar by adding widgets and editing the look and feel.

Schermata 2014-12-15 alle 11.37.14

The tag Look it opens the color tabula: you can pick up the main color, choose a matching pair, regolate a gradient, set a pattern.

Schermata 2014-12-15 alle 11.49.39

You can really set the color you want: move on the scheme, use the picker, enter the RGB code, then match it with the text and the background.

To obtain a unique combination add a gradient color and select the direction (vertical or horizontal).

Schermata 2014-12-15 alle 11.50.01

A Useful Tip

On the widget page you can manage several tools, one of the best is the Social one. There you can easily add your favorite social network links.

Check the Toolbar development clicking on Preview and Save when your done with it.

Schermata 2014-12-15 alle 11.55.22

When you achieved a satisfactory look and feel, and a useful list of widgets you can appreciate the last fresh new feature of Altervista Toolbar.

If you have set Always visible when you scroll down your website pages the toolbar will remain available for click and can be seen with a soft opacity.

Let us know what you think about the new Altervista Toolbar and other Altervista services writing here!