TikTok and Prime Video

TikTok is more than the fastest growing social network; it is a new way to monetize content: by collaborating with brands as a creator.

That’s why we have made the TikTok icon available in all our SEAMLESS themes. Seamless themes are an Altervista exclusive, the perfect place to make your content grow. SEAMLESS gives a smooth browsing experience, is constantly updated with the latest market news, and is compatible with all banner ads that make you earn.

The TikTok format: short and funny videos with audio on, has taken up momentum in brand content strategy.

(Photo Ilustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Brands are looking for popular creators to join content creation. In Giallo Zafferano profile, you can see many different faces; you can spot bloggers among them.

A creator manages to be original in connection with users, giving them what they are searching for. TikTok can be an essential part of your strategy in the ultimate quarter of 2021.

Prime Video Affiliate link

What are you watching tonight?

Deciding what to watch has become one of the biggest dilemmas of our evenings on the couch. That’s why we thought we’d give you the chance to earn with your suggestions on Amazon Prime Video contents: from now on; you can create IconA affiliate links even on Prime products.

Actress Nicole Kidman films a scene in a market in Hong Kong on August 23, 2021, from the Amazon Prime Video series titled Expats (Photo by ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP) (Photo by ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP via Getty Images)

IconA affiliate link: what are they?

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How to create links

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Help people choose and earn from it.

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