What’s New On WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is available for the updating of all blogs hosted by Altervista; the aim of this new main release is to close the gap between editing and publishing, giving you a better experience in What You See Is What You Get process.

Here’s the official video with the notable news.

Media And Editing

wp_3_9_editor_imgVisual editing has been improved in speed and mobile support. It also became more accessible: now you can past texts from your writing software.

Uploading your images is now easier than ever: you can drag and drop from your desktop to the editor, where you have quick access to crop and rotation tools.

Gallery preview, directly in the editor, and file audio simple are two new features added in this update, WordPress 3.9 “Smith”.


Browsing themes is more easy with the new navigation bar at the top of the page.


For the full list of new features contained in WordPress 3.9 “Smith” you can read the post on WordPress.org blog, here.

Images for your posts, Elegant Themes for your blog: free of charge on Altervista

Having fine pics in your blog really matters. Here you can read an article from Elegant Themes, the renowned design factory, about where to find beautiful images, free of charge, for your blog posts: Twelve Places to Find Images for Your Website.

Places Where to Find Free Images for Your Website

But you can believe there’s a hosting that gives you Elegant Themes templates free of charge? Yes, there is, Altervista does.

Gorgeous Elegant Themes Templates Free Of Charge

It’s part of the deal signing up with Altervista: free of charge WordPress blog and free precious themes, even those from Elegant Themes .

Look here to some of the available Elegant Themes templates free of charge on Altervista.

PersonalePress - Elegant Themes templates free of charge on Altervista
PersonalePress – Elegant Themes templates free of charge on Altervista

Continue reading

Safer, Faster: Your Website On Altervista With CloudFlare

Our mission at Altervista has always been to provide you with quality, free hosting to help you earn more revenues from your website. Today we’re announcing a partnership with CloudFlare that strengthens that original mission. CloudFlare is a service that helps your website run faster, safer and smarter.

Altervista and Cloudflare for smart websites

You may ask, what does a faster website have to do with revenues? It turns out speed matters – a lot. For example, research has shown ‘How one second could cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales’ (and how Google might lose 8 million searches per day if it ran just four tenths of a second slower!). Intuitively, this is something we already know – if a page loads slowly for you, how many times have you closed it to move on to the next thing or abandoned a shopping cart?

CloudFlare solves that problem for your web visitors. It speeds up websites (both desktop and mobile), images, DNS and APIs. It does so with a wide range of features – from caching your website content closer to your web visitors to automatically consolidating 3rd party calls to your website so they don’t slow down your web page (a feature they call Rocket Loader). Continue reading

Altervista 2048

Enjoy this addicting puzzle, try to catch 2048 or even more!

Cick on the image to play

Use keyboard arrows to match tiles and try to reach the highest score.

Gorgeous WordPress Themes Free of Charge

Running a WordPress blog on Altervista gives you a bunch of unique opportunities.
There’s a lot of stuff hidden in the code, developed to improve performances and build great features.  There’s the chance to earn with ads but the clearly stunning asset, in a WordPress blog hosted on Altervsta, is the graphic themes freely available.

A dedicated staff has been working on it and we’re now happy to announce a fully renewed gallery of WordPress themes; all on them is offered totally free of charge.

Wordpress theme free of charge

Take a look at some of the best WordPress themes we’re offering free of charge for your blog. Every one of them is customizable: header and background images, colors and fonts. Each of them is updated at the latest version available and ready for Altervista advertising program.

WordPress Themes Gallery


Whimsical Love: looks like handwritten with classical two columns layout. Continue reading

We Have Increased The Equipments For 2014

More Monthly Traffic to start on and more Queries for your Database. We enlarged, free of charge,  your website equipments, to get through the end of 2014 with full strength.

15GB of Monthly Traffic, 20K queries/hour for your Database: this is the free upgrade of the 2014.

It’s quite a common place that a free hosting service cannot be compared to a payment one,  if you check the features list: it’s definitely not true if we speak about Altervista.

Opening a website on Altervista means start with all you need to run a successful website, from the first moment on till the top of the growth.

Aletrvista 2014: more and more, free of charge

You can manage this free upgrade from your Altervista control panel.

If you want to ask a question or join the conversation, please write here.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Available On Altervista

Dedicated to one of the greatest jazz player of all the time, Charlie “Bird” Parker, WordPress 3.8 is available for blogs hosted by Altervista.

Modern new design, colorful update and availability on every device are the keywords for this WordPress main release.

WordPress 3.8 is a colorful update
(image from wordpress.org)

From Profile page you can preview and chose between eight new admin color schemes, the admin dashboard is totally responsive so you can manage your blog from any device: from smartphone and tablets: easy and fast such as from a desk computer.


Some of these features were anticipated, here on Altervista, since from September by adding MP6 plugin to manage the Admin Dashboard design. We followed the new WordPress approach: the “plugin-first development process“.

Altervista has added exclusive features to the WordPress admin dashboard: tools to customize design, earn with the blog, set mobile features and connect the blog with social networks.

To learn more about WordPress 3.8 read here, from WordPress.org blog.

A New Way To Manage Your Website

After a few weeks in beta the new Altervista Control Panel is now online for everybody: faster, smarter and nicer.

New Altervista Control Panel

We’ve reorganized sections, tools and we’ve built a way to have a quick glimpse on the website status.

On the dashboard, first page of the control panel, you can rapidly access to file uploader and installed applications. Continue reading

Always up to date

Here on Altervista you  can run your website with Joomla! or with WordPress or with both of them, if you like it. You can install your favorite CMSs within a few click, with the needed bandwidth and web space and you find them at the latest version available, because we keep them constantly up to date.

Now we are releasing Joomla! 2.5.16 and WordPress but we always watch out for the latest software update to bring you, as fast as we can, the freshest version.


A little resume: Altervista is a steady hosting, pretty well designed for do whatever you want with your free of charge web space.

We offer a selection of CMSs to run your site and we keep them updated, so you can mind just at your website and not bother with installing and uploading or checking out technical settings.

Altervista it’s ads free but if you want to collect earnings from your web job everything is ready to make you start to gain.

Give a glimpse here, to our Earn Blog, and stay updated about earning on Altervista.

Fresh new look, brand new start

Glamorous news, here on Altervista. Driven by the idea to have a look that matches with the high quality of our services we changed almost everything, except the high quality of our services.

New logo

new logo altervista Our first logo, back in 2001, was inspired by a Keith Haring design. For the design of the new logo we worked on the concept of two products sharing the same starting ground: like website and blog you can start for free on Altervista platform. Two strong trees grown near one each other in the same garden. Now, twelve years later, we still have the same mission of 2001: free website, maximum quality, the chance to earn with adv.

New look

Consequently the new logo we changed the look of Altervista portal. Colorful, playful, straight clear. You can start your new website in seconds, check availability of your chosen name, be informed about resources and services and also have a glimpse of some of the best websites hosted by Altervista (most of them in Italian).

Control Panel Update (beta version)

This is a thing we’re particularly proud of: new control panel. Summarize the complexity of all the things you can be involved in, running a website, it’s not easy. Having it all in control at any time, it’s even harder. But we think we did a good job. Go and check it by yourself, we still keep the new control panel in beta version just in case of minor bugs.

Find out what’s new on Altervista: here.